The school year consists of three terms with a week’s half-term in each term.

The morning school hours are 9.00-12.30 from Monday to Friday.

The afternoon school hours are 1.00-3.30/4.15 from Monday to Thursday.

Full day-care is available Monday to Thursday provided the child brings lunch.

Tara House also provides a Summer School for three weeks in August. Summer school hours are from 9.00-12.30. Further details are available on request.

We also run a lunch club from Monday to Thursday where children can stay at school from 12.30 to 1.30 with a packed lunch. The full day care facility also provides a fantastic opportunity for children attending the mornings to stay for a full day before primary school. It also allows parents greater flexibility in their day care, whereby children can stay for lunch or a full day on an adhoc basis.