Maria Montessori
Tara House Montessori School was founded by Helena Ramsahoye and takes its name from the ancient seat of the Celtic High Kings of Ireland. These powerful kings founded churches and monasteries to ensure that their own children were well-educated. Helena founded Tara House with the belief that all children had the right to the best education. It is with this ideal in mind that every child is welcomed into our community where the staff prepare children not just for the challenges of school, but for life itself.
Helena trained at the St Nicholas centre in London and opened Tara House in her own home. The school moved to Scouthaven, Wilson Walk in 1982. As a mother of six and a trained Gestalt Psychotherapist, Helena drew on her own experiences as well as Montessori philosophy in formulating a truly child-centred approach in which each child’s perceptions and feelings were accorded value. Helena refused to accept that children with disabilities had to be educated separately and from the outset welcomed all children into her school whose parents believed they could benefit from being there. She worked extensively with children with Down’s Syndrome and her policy of inclusion remains a cornerstone of the Tara House ethos.
Helena retired in 2000 leaving her daughter Nadia to take over the ownership and the management of the nursery. Nadia started working at the nursery in 1994 and has brought the same passion and enthusiasm for the life and world of the child to her work. The school has continued to go from strength to strength under her stewardship and in 2009 Tara House became one of the first nurseries in the country to become accredited by the Montessori School’s Association. This achievement is shared by her dedicated team of staff and our generous and committed parents whose contribution to the life of the nursery is invaluable.