Please inform the school if your child is unable to attend the school for any reason. If for an infectious illness, the school must be told as soon as possible. You may call the school on 020 7998 7313 during school hours.

The school should be informed of special points such as:

1. Parents going away on business or holiday.
2. Someone different bringing or collecting your child.
3. Any conditions affecting your child, such as a new baby or any changes or difficulties at home (in complete confidence)

No child should be sent to school if unwell. If your child has had diarrhoea or vomited during the night or that morning, they are only allowed to return to nursery a full 24 hours after the last event of illness. If your child has a heavy cold or nasty cough, please keep them at home. If your child has spots or a rash on any area of the body, please take him or her to the doctor for consultation. If your child has head lice or nits, please keep them at home until the relevant treatment has been effective.

It is essential that we know of any allergies or special medical conditions which relate to your child, as well as having up to date contacts for all parents, emergency contacts and family doctors. We will ask for current

telephone numbers for parents and emergency contacts on registration, but would ask parents to let us know of any changes as quickly as possible.

The school is advised by Hounslow Early Years Childcare Team not to administer medicines. If it is essential for the school to administer medicines, written permission will be required of the child’s parent, and a medication form will need to be completed detailing the medicine and appropriate date, timing and dosage. These will be signed by the teacher who gives the medicine and one copy will be returned with the medicine, the second copy remaining on the school files.

The school doors are kept locked at all times, except at drop-off and collection times, when a member of staff is at the door to monitor all people coming in and out of the building.