All children are assigned a keyworker who is then responsible for tracking and recording your child’s development. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and your child will be monitored in the 7 areas of learning. Observations will be recorded using a digital learning journal, which parents can access any time. This will include observations of your child, photographs, examples of work as well as the tracking document following the EYFS.

Each individual child is planned for on a weekly basis. The is informed by the observations of the child noting their interests, play preferences, milestones & accomplishments.

We ask parents to get involved – helping us to set achievable goals for your child. Parents are also invited into the nursery to conduct mini lessons or a story etc. We strongly believe in good parent partnership and value your input.

Evidence of your child’s learning journal is then recorded and made accessible via the Evernote app.

We have two parents’ evenings a year to give you feedback on your child and for meetings with meetings with key workers to give you feedback your child, working collaboratively with parents to plan next steps.

Tara House uses Evernote software to host each child’s Learning Journal – to access your child’s learning journal we ask all parents to create an Evernote account. This simply involves downloading the free Evernote App, providing an email address and creating a password for the account.

Once the Evernote account is created by the parent, we ask you to inform the Tara House office, whereby you will be sent an invitation to access your child’s journal.

With this software in place you can check your child’s development and gain a wonderful insight into their nursery life.

Our Learning Journal format is bespoke – a system unique to Tara House.