At Tara House we pride ourselves on our RELATIONSHIP WITH PARENTS and place great emphasis on its importance. We have a very informal and relaxed atmosphere and want you to feel that you can approach us at any time.

ALL STAFF are available to talk to you on an informal basis every morning and at the end of every session. We are more than happy to give you our time and verbal feedback about your child on a regular basis.

OUR WEBSITE is fully comprehensive and updated regularly with events, pertinent information that parents can access at all time.

Every term a comprehensive PROJECT PLANNER is emailed out to parents, this contains information on all activities and projects we are planning to cover throughout the term. These projects are dictated by observations of the children’s interests.

At the end of the planner, there is a section for parents to fill in where we ask you if there are any goals you would like us to help you achieve with your child. This allows parents to be directly involved in their child’s learning journey whilst at nursery.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT Parents are invited every term to come into nursery to con-tribute by giving a mini-lesson or reading a story.

EVERY CHILD’S DEVELOPMENT IS TRACKED and recorded through a learning journal. These are regularly updated with observations, photographs and pieces of the child’s work. Using the Evernote App, parents can log in securely to check on their child’s progress at any time. We see the journals as interactive documents and welcome parental input through comments or pictures; for example what you did not the weekend or on holiday.

REGULAR PARENT NEWSLETTERS are sent out to all parents via email which ensures working parents are kept updated with currently nursery news.

FORMALISED COMMUNICATION is in the form of a written report in the seven areas of learning for each child at the end of every year. We also hold two PARENTS EVENINGS every year. These are held in the Autumn term and the Spring term. At the parent’s evening, your child’s work will be displayed on the wall and you will also have the opportunity to look through his/hers work folder. All staff will also be available to talk to you about your child’s progress. Photographs of your child engaged in various activities will also be displayed as we feel that this gives a more accurate portrayal of what each child has been doing throughout the year due to the practical nature of most of the children’s endeavour.

Throughout the year if you wish to come in and DISCUSS YOUR CHILD’S PROGRESS or any other issue or concern then please feel free to make an appointment to come in and see Nadia. Please know that we have a very strict policy on confidentiality and anything you wish to say will always be treated with the utmost respect. Nadia keeps every Wednesday free to be available for parents. This includes tours of the nursery for new parents every Wednesday morning at 9.00 as well as being available for private appointments for any concern or just an opportunity to catch up each week.

Parents are also invited to two main events in the school calendar, the CHRISTMAS CONCERT and the end of year SPORTS DAY. Dates are provided for each of these in advance.

A VIDEO of “Day at Tara House” is filmed and made available every year which provides a fly on the wall view of your child’s experience at nursery.